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Yihai upholds the principle of providing an equal and fair platform to its employees so as to identify and nurture talent who is responsible, motivated, and who recognizes and adheres to the corporate culture of the organization. Through this process, Yihai aims to provide adequate opportunities for its employees' career development.

Yihai continues to introduce outside talent while actively admitting outstanding college students and graduates into training programs to build the core strengths of the talent team, simultaneously adding to the growth and development of the company.

Yihai requires its employees to be innovative, team-oriented, sincere, focused, professional, and devoted. It highly values its relationship with employees, respecting each and every one of them and their contribution to the enterprise. Opportunities for internal mobility as well as the freedom to define individual career goals and paths are available to all employees.

Looking forward to having you join us to grow together!

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发布时间:2018-03-23    工作地点:全国    招聘人数:16人



(1)所属部门:北京大区           工作地点:北京                           招聘人数:1人

(2)所属部门:华北大区           工作地点:济南、石家庄            招聘人数:1人

(3)所属部门:华北大区           工作地点:太原、天津               招聘人数:1人

(4)所属部门:华北大区           工作地点:呼市                          招聘人数:1人

(5)所属部门:东北大区           工作地点:沈阳                          招聘人数:1人

(6)所属部门:东北大区           工作地点:吉林                          招聘人数:1人

(7)所属部门:西北大区           工作地点:成都                          招聘人数:1人

(8)所属部门:上海大区           工作地点:上海                          招聘人数:5人

(9)所属部门:华东大区           工作地点:南京、苏州                招聘人数:2人

(10)所属部门:中南大区         工作地点:福建                           招聘人数:2人













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